Today was a good day, and I started to write a post about it. However, it’s a long post and one that deserves proper attention.

It’s a post about grace, more specifically understanding God’s grace.

I’ve already mentioned that my mother is Buddhist, both my parents are, but as very young children, my siblings and I were introduced to Christianity by a neighboring family. My parents respected other religions, so they allowed us to go to church with them every Sunday.

Despite being raised in both religions, I can confidently say that I probably understand them less now than when I was 7. It’s funny how things seem so much clearer and so certain when you’re a child.

Though, one of the things we still retain from childhood is our ability to still be surprised by life. Of course, we get good surprises and bad ones – but surprises nevertheless.

So, this is a short post but a post as I’m trying to keep to a writing schedule.


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