Would You Rather…?

They say that life is stranger than fiction, and the universe is never short of dilemmas to dole out.  This post is more of a writing prompt based on a simple question asking you to choose between similar situations, usually from news stories I come across.  I asked my spouse the same question I’m posing to you. 

The theme of this post: The Wife is Always The Last to Know. 

Would you rather be Kimberly Sasser or Kim Vuong? 


  • Both women lost their husbands in tragic deaths. 
    • Jason Sasser, 37, was killed when the motorcycle he was on was hit by a drunk driver on April 1, 2018 (no joke).
    • Kim Vuong’s husband, David Messerschmitt, 30, was found stabbed to death in a DC hotel in 2015.
  • Both women found out about their husband’s infidelities as a result of their deaths.
  • Both are named Kim 🙂


  • The drunk driver who killed Jason Sasser, Arizbet Vazques Contreras, 25, claimed he was her boyfriend at the scene of the accident. 
  • Jamyra Gallmon, 21, stabbed and killed David Messerschmitt in a botched robbery attempt after she answered a Craigslist ad he had posted seeking sex with a man.
  • Jason and Kimberly Sasser have a child.
  • David Messerschmitt and Kim Vuong were newlyweds.

I wouldn’t want to be either women.  What a horrible way to find out that your spouse isn’t the person you had thought.  Does it pollute your memory of them or does the tragedy make you hold that image even more? 

As noted in my previous posts, I live just outside DC and remember when the Messerschmitt Mystery happened.  It was well-covered because it had all the “newsworthy” element: a young, up and coming lawyer found dead at a high-end DC hotel, and his employer, his friends, his wife and family don’t know why he was at the hotel in the first place.  It was a bizarre situation that grew more scandalous with each story.  

The Sasser story seems almost improbable, but, yet, it happened.


Below are a few links to the stories.

From the Orlando Sentinel: Motorcyclist headed home to wife killed in DUI crash caused by ‘girlfriend,’ FHP report shows.

From the Daily Commercial: Wife of victim in DUI crash: ‘My whole world crumbled.’

From the Washington Post: D.C. lawyer’s killer sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Wife of man found slain in D.C. hotel seeks public’s help in solving case.



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