A Mug of Needful Things

The problem with shopping at the world’s most super-super store is that you realize just how much stuff is actually out there.  Stuff that you never knew you needed!

What was to be just a ten-minute search for a gift for your 5-year-old niece turns into hours and hours of link-clicking (oh, shiny, shiny). And it never seems to end, one product links to a similar product – actually, the same product from a different company, I think.  So, how is one to distinguish them from each other?  Reviews?  Most of them seem to be reviewing something completely different from what’s pictured…and the pictured product?  Well, it seems that no one told these designers that consumers are a little more Photoshop/filter savvy these days.

Choices, choices, so many choices!

If you’re looking for the “perfect” gift for your favorite writer (yourself) these are not good gifts:

Writers Block Mug: yeah, we all can relate to the sentiment, but it’s 11 oz!  What serious writer only drinks 11 oz of coffee at one sitting?!  Besides, who needs to be reminded that you’ve got writer’s block!!!

Typewriter Coasters!  Okay, they’re pretty cute and I did get this for Christmas.  I use them as display as they’re really not big enough or sturdy enough to be used as coasters.  Well, unless they’re small cocktail glasses, which you know, helped a lot of writers with their creativity (much to their detriment).

But, if mugs are your thing, these are pretty good ideas:


Writer Definition Mug: it comes in 11 and 20 oz!  The graphic design works better, simple and the typewriter font works with the theme.  Except for the getting paid part (at least in my case), it speaks the truth!

A set of personal fondue mugs 😊

I don’t know, it was suggested based on my browsing history (yeah, don’t ask…the algorithm knows all). Besides, you’re all writers, use your imagination.  You can keep your coffee warm with the tealight in one, and then keep your soup or dessert warm in the other mug.  Then you’d never have to leave your writing station (except for bathroom breaks, unless you’re uncouth).

Also, since my imaginary friends are on strike, I’m procrastinating anyway I can.

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