Not So Loving

It’s been a long, and not so loving Valentine’s Day.  I learned a number of things today.

First, honestly isn’t always the best policy.

For example, you don’t always need to be honest when people ask how you are.  When the taxi driver asks you how you’re doing, you don’t need to tell him that you’re sick and on cold medicine.  Too much unnecessary information.  But, you know, since you’re on cold medicine common sense can be slow to surface.

Second, when in doubt, err on the side of honesty and make no assumptions.

If, for example, the cab passenger tells you she is sick and on cold medicine, you should not assume that she isn’t paying attention.  Do not assume that she does not know what the fare and distance should be at the end of the ride.  Do not assume that she is not aware of the “I have no change” ploy (sorry double negatives…cold medicine effect).

Do not assume that because she’s visiting a senior assisted living facility and taking her friend out for a Valentine’s Day lunch that she’ll be too nice to file a complaint.

When in doubt, it’s best to stay honest.  Take the proper route and charge the correct amount.  The worst-case scenario is that the passenger will file a complaint and has all the proper documentation:   the reservation confirmation along with the price quote and the credit card receipt of the final charges.  Incidentally, the receipt shows that the meter was not on during the ride and that you had charged her twice the amount of what was quoted online and no rationale for the extra charges.

Third, it’s Valentine’s Day.  Not everyone is loving and kind, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be.  Don’t let it ruin your day.  Focus on making sure the important people who love and care about know that they are loved and that you care for them.



*Yes, I filed my complaint

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