Where Nothing Bad Ever Happens

It’s been a fairly miserable day: bright and sunny out with spring like temperatures of 60 degrees (15 Celsius).  Warm enough for children to play in the park and the dog-walkers came out in droves.  A nice picturesque day, the type of day that doesn’t need photo editing.

Yep…it’s been miserable day, being sick inside while the world enjoys an early spring.

I’ve been stuck in this mental fog, the one that always accompanies a fever, and I can’t recall what I did all day.  Apart from sleeping, coughing, aching, whining, etc., I had a marathon of crime tv news shows streaming: Snapped, Dateline, Killer Couples and the different variations of Forensic something.

I watch a lot of these shows.  It’s pretty sad really.   Aside from covering the same cases, these shows like contradictory drama and portray the victims has having the perfect lives and lived where nothing bad ever happens…until it did.

I don’t need a show to tell me that the appearance of quaintness and civility belies man’s evil.  I read the original fairy tales as a child (nightmares galore).  And in reality, I just have to look outside my window at this quintessential small-town neighborhood with its tree-lined streets, shops and post office are within walking distance.

We’ve been here 5 years.  During this time, we’ve had a serial killer targeting wealthy, older, prominent citizens in the neighborhood.  He would knock on their doors and then shoot them when they answered.  He had killed three people before he was caught.  And then about two years ago, there was a mass shooting at a congressional baseball practice 4 blocks away.  Yes, it’s a nice neighborhood…until it’s not.

So, being sick inside doesn’t seem so bad.  Think I’ll go read some fairy tales, where something bad always happens.





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